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    Company dynamics

    The demand for cutting tools is growing

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     At present, on the market of CNC cutting tools, the capability of self-made innovation and research and development of domestic CNC cutting tools is weak. Most manufacturers are mainly about imitation and reverse research. This development mode leads to technology dependence on developed countries, losing the leading power of development and always following behind others. Whether it's a salesperson or a producer, we must fully realize this point, constantly consolidate the foundation in the development, enhance the ability of independent development, locate the market and improve the product share. This is also the main task and trend in the future development of tool and die industry in China.
    The demand for cutting tools is growing. The growth of Europe and North America is stable. The Eastern European countries have a slight rebound in Asian market, and the market potential is very large. The Latin American market has increased significantly, Mexico. In technical updating, hard alloy tools have gradually replaced high speed steel cutters and circular cutting tools. The application of coated tools is becoming more and more common. In Europe, the market share of new cutting tools for high speed machining is increasing. The dynamics of the manufacturer. From the tool manufacturer's cooperation mode, there will be a lot of strong joint of big companies in the high and new field market.

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