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    The changing development mode of machine tool tools in China

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      If the tool tool of our country wants to develop healthily and continuously, it is necessary to change the way of development and improve the manufacturing level. This is consistent with our requirement to transform the development mode during the "12th Five-Year" period. That is to say, we should go from the manufacturing industry of heavy quantity, low value and high consumption to a heavy level, high added value and green manufacturing industry. The consumption of metal cutting tools in our country generally continued the growth trend in 2010, and increased in total. According to estimates, the tool of China in 2011 to consume about 39 billion yuan, compared with 2010 growth of about 13%; the domestic tool consumption is about 27 billion yuan, compared with 2010 growth is less than 4%; while the foreign tool consumption is about 12 billion yuan, compared with 2010 growth of about 25%.
      However, if we analyze the consumption structure, we will find that there are many problems in the consumption structure of domestic cutters in China.
      In industry, the proportion of tool consumption is about 35%: high speed steel tools account for 10%, diamond and cubic boron nitride cutters account for 10%, while welded carbide tools, monolithic cemented carbide and indexable hard alloy occupy the rest part.

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