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    Common problem

    Improving the competitiveness of products is the key to the competition of the cutting tool industry

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      After a long term development, the tool industry is now in the rising period. In this stage, the tool enterprise should adopt the way of development, and become the problem of the big tool enterprises thinking.
      The cutting tool industry is at the low end of the mold industry, and the situation is related to the low technology level of the whole industry and the price war. The tool industry wants to develop. It must continuously increase the research and development funds, increase the scientific and technological content, and produce competitive products. To increase the strength of product research and development, we can change the current competition model.
      Why the tool industry has been fighting a price war? At present, the enterprises engaged in cutting tool production are more and more, but the scale is small, the basic model is small workshop, and there is no scientific content at all. The products produced by small cutting tools are basically imitated, resulting in more and more homogenized cutters at the middle and low ends. Cutting tool enterprises are facing the problem of overcapacity and stock backlog. In order to improve their sales, the cutting tool enterprises will reduce the price of the products. Several cutting tool enterprises have reduced prices, causing the whole industry to fall into trouble, and the profits of the enterprises are less and less. When profits are continuously compressed, there is no excess funds for product research and development.
      The long term price war in the industry will affect the whole industry. The tool enterprise should improve the technology content of the product, and turn from the current price war to the competition of technology. From the current simply seize the market share is not profitable, to share the common share of common profit. It is believed that after the transformation of competition mode, the production level of Chinese enterprises can be greatly improved, and the vicious competition can be effectively lifted, so that the cutting tool industry can go up to a higher level.

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