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    Common problem

    Common problems of cutting machine blade

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     What common problems will the blade of the scissors meet? What is the common problem of the cutting machine blade? We know the cutting machine blade (cutting machine tool) all steel welding structure, comprehensive treatment of internal stress, with good rigidity and stability.
      The CNC shearing machine adopts advanced integrated hydraulic system, which can be produced: numerical control, digital display, punching machine, shearing machine, bending machine, fast rolling shutter door and so on. With the development of screen, can production lines, instrumentation, automotive, metal and other industries, in recent years on the CNC cutting machine blade and cutting machine equipment demand is also growing.
      Through market research, in order to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises, the research and development project of developing multi position NC rotary die shearing machine for shearing machine is established. Here is a case to illustrate the development direction of the CNC shearing machine and the blade of the shearing machine: the upper part and the lower part, a CNC high shear self rotating die. The upper part of the upper die and the lower part of the system under the mode of their own system installed a driver, composed of a synchronous motor of the upper and lower die synchronous rotation of the worm gear transmission mechanism, which is characterized in that the upper die system includes a sleeve, drive rotary sleeve, punch, socket, die system including the die, under the rotating sleeve and a lower sleeve seat, drive set; on the worm gear transmission mechanism is fixed on the cutter seat frame, the upper and lower worm wheel and are respectively arranged on the upper and lower transmission sleeve; shearing blade punch and die are respectively arranged on the upper and lower rotating sleeve, a rotating sleeve and the sleeve seat is arranged on the CNC shearing machine and blade shears, turntable.

      Cutting machine blade, cutting machine fault is no more than a few similar problems, generally is the following points:
      1. if the shearing angle of your clipper is adjustable, it may be that the shear angle is mistaken.
      2. main pressure valve is mistaken, the system pressure is too small.
      3. oil cylinders in series (two main cylinders) need to be filled with oil.
      The inner leaks in the inner seal ring of the 4. series cylinder (two main oil cylinders).

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