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    Shield cutter

    Shield cutter

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    Shield cutter
      Product model: complete model
      Product application: shield cutting tools for Metro and tunnel machinery
      Classification: shield cutter
      Product introduction:

      By subway, tunnel shield cutter series products of our company machinery sales, the alloy cutter selection of new powder metallurgy materials, wear resistance and impact toughness is better, can effectively cut a variety of rock mass and the formation of metal alloy structural steel; excellent selection of cutter body material.

      The type of cutting tool and the principle of cutting:

      At present, the shield cutter is divided according to the cutting principle. Generally there are two types of hob and cutting tool. According to the different properties of the tunnel surrounding rock and the cutting purpose, the two kinds of cutters can be further subdivided. The main cutting principle of the hob is that the cutting tool depends on the extrusion of rock breaking, which is generally used in the tunneling of the rock tunnel. The hob cutter can also be used when the gravel (particle size is larger than 400mm) and the content reaches a certain proportion in the loose stratum. In addition, when the tunnel geological condition is complex and changeable, and the rock is not too high, and the general soil mass (or clay or sand soil) is interlaced frequently, it is also possible to use hob cutter, that is, in the compound shield machine.

      The cutting principle of cutting tools is mainly the advancing of shield machine. At the same time, when cutting tool rotates, the axial force (along the tunnel direction) and the cutting force of radial (cutter rotation tangent line) will continuously cut the soil in front of excavation face. The cutting tool is generally applicable to loose sand, gravel, sand, clay and other loose formations with a particle size less than 400mm.

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