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    Center knife

    Central tearing knife

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      Center knife
      Product model: complete model
      Product application: shield cutting tools for Metro and tunnel machinery
      Classification: shield cutter
      Product introduction:
      By subway, tunnel shield cutter series products of our company machinery sales, the alloy cutter selection of new powder metallurgy materials, wear resistance and impact toughness is better, can effectively cut a variety of rock mass and the formation of metal alloy structural steel; excellent selection of cutter body material.
      Center knife (fish tail knife, double edge or three blade hob, conical knife, center horn knife)
      When driving in soft soil stratum, the cutter can not be arranged at the center of the cutterhead. In order to improve the effect of cutting and stirring in the central part of soil, a large fishtail knife (claw knife) can be designed at the center part, and the general fishtail knife is over 600mm. The design and configuration of the fish knife: let a shield in two steps by cutting soil, fish knife first cutting center small section of soil, and then expanded to the whole section cutting soil, the fish knife cutter design and the other is not in a plane, the fish knife advance cutter arrangement, fish knife first the second is the tail cutting soil; root cutter is designed into a conical shape, the cutter rotates with the tail cutting down the soil, based on tangential and radial movement, added a turning movement, cutting liquidity problems and improving the soil cutting can not only solve the central part of the soil and the mixing effect. And greatly improve the overall effect of shield tunneling. When driving in a hard rock stratum, a double-edged or three blade hob is arranged at the center position of the disc.

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